UPDATE Silencing Policy Updates

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  1. Sgydjwbeja
  2. I said that I was 9 I was joking I'm am 28, andni was just trolling .
  3. Interesting
  4. I will invite you to my dorm party look your best
  5. Jokes that break ToU still break ToU. Got to be careful.
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  6. Sup
  7. what
  8. Y'all doing a horrible job maintaining these policies though, just sayin'. I still see a ton of noob accounts trying to sell premium Snapchats and other gross stuff in campus. I can't even imagine what pub looks like. 🤢
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  9. She will see soon at work o first job
  10. Hey guys, please how wcan I leave a club
  11. Я очень красивая девушка
  12. Hit the tab labelled "Club" on your home page, then scroll down and tap the the "Club Settings" button. There will be another button that says "Leave Club." Tap that.
    Hi, Forums is English only according to the Forums Code of Conduct. The regular game allows you to speak any language though.
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  13. so we have to be quiet , what about parties?
  14. Idk what you're asking specifically, but Day made the Guide to All PIMD Parties thread and maybe that has what you need.
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