UPDATE Silencing Policy Updates

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  1. You can’t discuss them in public chats. But you can probably say “Gamers hmu” or something and be fine.
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  2. If you share the gamer tag in private like PMs or club chat, then you're fine. You can also try other avenues for finding gamer friends, on different websites / apps that cater more towards that.
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  3. Are we allowed to say "catfish" or "saurkraut" now? Because I may like to roll into Cincinnati, Ohio and hang out with some young college hoes (I mean that affectionately) and get a fried catfish sandwich with a side of sauerkraut.
  4. I would’ve paid so much more attention to your topic Marceline, but now I can’t stop thinking about Smash Mouth.
  5. 😻 I love it
  6. Well, bypassing the slur kraut in saurkraut was allowed at the very least in the previous silence policy. I'm sure it is still allowed in this policy update, since they're overall more relaxed.

    Catfish probably still is not generally allowed, since it's often used for public accusations (which are still not permitted). But if you are directing it towards someone in an accusatory manor, then it should be fine. I suppose the situations would be up to the discretion of individual moderators, to deem whether or not it seemed like you were accusing someone of catfishing.
  7. Ban the word “daddy” so every little nooby and over compensating mc user will stop using the word at every unneeded opportunity. Like we get it you are v cool in your own head and everyone obv wants you
  8. 💀😂 not if you already got silieced before the rules came out...... to bad you care for your reputation to much 👀🍿😵
  9. It sounds like you're saying your silence is valid then? I don't make the rules, I only enforce them.
  10. I like this. Was getting tired of people asking for "younger" and also asking for/offering nudes constantly (using emojis as well, so I'm glad that's a part of the silence policy!). Yay, silence all the pervs
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  11. Idea: Create a third public channel called "Market" or smth so that we then have separate areas for;
    1. Market for Selling & Buying items
    2. Campus becomes purely club related things (all the party notifications, the club LBH calls, club banners, people asking for clubs etc)
    3. Pub is chit chat and community life as usual

    I was gonna make a whole discussion post but I don't feel like catching hate rn.I just wanted to put the idea out there bc the community is getting so big and it's hard to differentiate club versus sales posts quickly enough in the single channel.

    Hullo Devs, if you see me <3
  12. Or just a filter option for campus? Like if you only wanna see lbh posts etc.
  13. Then they'd need to have like a longer chat history in the channels bc the point is that during like their high activity times, it goes at the speed of light and there's like 2 different types of people in campus; people selling things and club crap. So like why not just separate them like how they did with pub? It'll also make it easier for club to just swap between the two channels so they can message all the ppl who ask for banners versus just spamming banners into campus. Then there's also LBH hoppers etc etc. It's just an idea to have them separate
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  14. You kinda also just proved why filtering would be a better idea.
    People lag enough with pup & campus, lets not make worse with a third.
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  15. Support
  16. Sounds liek you enforce your own rules 😗
  17. Wdym lag? No memes. Pls tell me more, idk what you guys mean when you say that <3 :")
  19. I don't even know what your supposed main is. I don't think anyone woulf have thought this was an alt until you said something 🥴
  20. Lag means the game runs slower then it should.