UPDATE Silencing Policy Updates

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  1. No
  2. Is that a verbatim quote?

    And are you assuming none of the mods or devs can read Japanese or use a translator🥴
  3. I’d like to join yall
  4. Hi I am new here I love math people Call me teachers pet
  5. Teacher's pet is an insult tho
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  6. Who wanna fuck
  7. What the fuckkkk??
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  9. Uh any people wanna be my bff?
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    1. Campus will be clean
    2. Free food
    3. And party’s every Friday
    4. And hangout with ur friends
    5. But to do that u must have a B Or a in ur classes
    6. Any responses that is better then mine add it 💜❣️
  10. No one. This is a celibate game.
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  11. [​IMG] Virtually every other game is the one that has to do this is a good thing and you can get it back and you will see the same thing every time you play and you have a good game and it doesn’t make any money but every one you need for a free
  13. Nicholas hoe
  14. So I would really love it if I could earn so much money and level up some more pls oh and any girls that’s gay hit me up
  15. Yes ikr
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