UPDATE Silencing Policy Updates 2021

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  1. Better to see those than club ads and RP noobs asking for RP. 😂
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  2. Good. And no. The rules are unfairly enforced, poorly worded, and ATA just lets mods do whatever they want to. No due process. But it’s a private company, so what can you do? 😂
  3. Harassment is against the rules so, not good. But I won't change ya mind so anyways have a good one
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  4. The rules are not the benchmark for good and evil. I remember the old days. It wasn’t harassment. Mocking someone for getting silenced for doing something stupid isn’t harassment. And I say this as the person who always gets re-silenced for a month within three days of getting un-silenced.
  5. Pub was made for people to rp in to get it out of campus. Its not atas fault that everyone moved general conversation to there to. And how else do you expect clubs to get members if they cant post out ads?
  6. I just got silenced and I don't know why. A guy asked for help. I answered. He asked for naked pictures. I said no and blocked and reported him. I posted his question was fraud, perversion. But I'm silenced????
  7. I suggest sending in a help ticket
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  8. Its against tou to say someone is a scammer even if its ligit
  9. Its also standard to see posts like that multiple times a day. Thats why pub is age restricted. And why this game is rated 17+ in general
  10. That’s true! But we can always blame ATA, can’t we? As for clubs, do they not have an entire chat that RP is not allowed in? Do they not have forums? Do they not have posting on walls? Do they not have sending our invitations.

    I am just saying: Bringing back the silence notification would be a positive good.
  11. No you cant. Its not atas job to babysit everyone and micromanage everyones life and what we can all say. This is a adult game. You have to expect adult content. Pub has a further age verification stage with extra warning that theres 18+ content in the chat. No one is forcing you to be in that chat.

    As for club chat its up to the club owner on what they allow and dont allow in their club chat. Ata has no input on that.

    Sending invites is limited to exec and above. And what if they needing party help? Forums is ok for general recruiting but even then pritty much no one looks at the banner thread....but when clubs are needing urgent help forums is no good. And not everyone knows forums even exist. Took me i think 6 months on the game before i learnt forums existed.

    It is a need for clubs to be able to post out ads. I dont see how its a need to have silence notifications that will further slow down the servers causing more issues with lag and crashing. You can see if someone is silenced by looking at their profile
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  12. They also have campus chat. And I’m not asking ATA to micromanage us or control what we say (although they do, as evidenced by my silences 😂). I just think the announcements are a good idea and they’d drown out RP requests in pub. I’m not asking for them to be banned. I would just like a change.

    Also, I’m not exactly sure what the “no you can’t” is referring to, but I clearly can call for something and it clearly is possible as ATA did it before. If by can’t you mean I lack the power to enforce my will, then yes— I am absolutely powerless and just a simple consumer in the face of the ATA gaming empire, which has provided me with years of entertainment.

    By the way, I love the name. I’m sorry I haven’t noticed it before during our back and forths.
  13. I said it to you saying this
  14. Thank you for the clarification.

    Well, of course we *can*. We can blame ATA for our problems, real and imagined, and anything else too. It might be irrational and silly and counterproductive (as are a majority of my statements in these Forums) to blame them, but we can. It’s like with my silence. Do I think there are some issues with unfair enforcement of the rules that ATA refuses to address? Yes. But is it really their fault that I was silenced? No— I knew the rules, both formal and informal, and I should have avoided putting myself in a situation that allowed myself to be (unfairly, in my opinion) silenced. Blaming ATA doesn’t make me any smarter or help me learn or even make me go be a better student of the rules or avoid a future silence. In fact, it probably makes a future silence more likely for various reasons. However, it makes me feel better temporarily, and it’s fun to complain about ATA too sometimes. I *can* do it, but it’s largely therapeutic and not the product of reasoned thought.

    We *can* complain about ATA, even if we probably shouldn’t. I should be grateful to ATA, and the fact that I am not grateful to them speaks to a grave defect in my character.

    Now, my position on restoring silence announcements is the product of reasoned thought.
  15. Re
    Regardless of if its added or not....if it was added all public announcements go in campus anyway not pub. So you wanting rp spammed out still doesnt work. Encourage everyone back to campus and you will avoid the rp chats. Campus is a rp free zone

  16. That is a good point! I should have been more specific in my initial proposal about wanting the silence announcements broadcasted in Pub
  17. Public defamation isn't allowed, and it applies to clubs as well so that would be why. And it's also not allowed on the forum. You can check the thread Will linked if you're interested though.
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  18. Can someone give me a little more info on "soliciting nonATA 3rd party apps? I mentioned an xbox game and got silenced.
  19. Can someone give me a little more info on "soliciting nonATA 3rd party apps? I mentioned an xbox game and got silenced. If I want to find gamers to talk with, what kinds of things are acceptable to post?
  20. How about those who share political views on pub? Do they also need to be silenced even though no words of hatred or discrimination has been stated? Hmmmm 🤔🤔.