Showcase 'Item'🗯️ Pricing thread🔖

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  1. how much do the ouroboros go for ?
  2. Price check for "Puzzl" Cubicle Shelf abv desk please ❤️
  3. 5 chibis

    Please only use the furni pricing thread in the future.
  4. How much does a charged blue flip phone go for?
  5. That’s the 2nd tier right? If so the minimum should be 1b 10c up to 2b I’d say
  6. Price check on blue sky twirlers?
  7. Hiiii, I’d like a price check on a few things😊

    - Bb items
    - Spinner items/sets
    - Bookworm bunny
    - Doberma’am
    - Black domino mask
    - Golden & sunken anchor
    - Forgotten silver anchor
    - Purple/green ouroboros & double green ouroboros
    - Blue toadstool house

    I know this is a lot and understand if I get no response, tysm😊❤️
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  8. I’ve seen 50-100:1b and the range is large because for now they aren’t in too big demand
  9. Anyone know about the professional bottle opener(500kcs), bag of gold coins(1mcs), silver topped Cain ( 500kcs), giant ostrich feather (250kcs). They are all from the casino hunt a few months ago:)
  10. Price check for Ship Shape Bed?
  11. I'd say 1b10c-2b max. And please use the Furni Prices + Questions thread instead for furni price-check 😊
  12. I'm not sure if I'm on the right thread, but...

    Price check on FOXGLOVE STICKER pls 💙
    These are the only things I know about it:
    1. It's 10mcs
    2. It's an animal stat item
    3. It's a sticker
  13. Price check for the following rare and cute animal stat items:
    Park-tic fox -- 2mcs
    Yuki the white fox --5mcs
    Purrfect heart-- 3mcs
    Witch's familiar -- 4mcs
    The great gatsby --4mcs
    Oliver the shelter cat --3mcs
  14. Price check -
    blue cell phones
    pink and gold roses
  15. I have spinner items for sale and can't figure out how to price them. I want to say 1:1c for the ones that have age on them. Is that fair? How old is old enough to be worth that?
  16. How much is the Unicorn Fennec Fox 2mcs please? I believe it’s from the main story - Tess higher difficulty quest from an August 2017 hunt(the one associated with the desert box?)
  17. Price check for BF Poseidon bookcase lvl3!?