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  1. I don’t use Spotify, I’m the tiny minority that uses apple music but my listening time is like 2,600 hours. Top genre is gonna be Kpop or pop.🚶‍♂️
    top artists
    1. Gfriend
    2. Red Velvet
    3. Taeyeon
    4. SNSD(Girl’s Generation)
    5. Exo
    Top songs
    1. Fiesta
    2. Crossroads
    3. Psycho
    4. Don’t Start now
    5. Apple
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  2. I love how you made one even w/out Spotify lol
  3. i feel your pain. ): super unnecessary to download another app for music. If I wanted to stream music, I would just put on a playlist on youtube or listen to spotify.

    But noooooo. I gotta download another app to download all the music I bought on Google Play Music onto a completely unecessary app
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  4. I mostly listen to the radio 😭 i got my fav local metal/rock station and my fav 80s throwback station
  5. Das cool. I haven't heard the radio in years tbh
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  6. Mine is an absolute mess because my fiance and I share a Spotify, so it goes from Joji and BMTH to Gloryhammer 😂

    Mine are this tho
    1. Joji
    2. Bring Me The Horizon
    3. Waterparks
    4. CORPSE
    5. Pierce The Veil
    1. Run
    2. Drown
    3. Crave
    4. Never Satisfied
    5. Slow Dancing In The Dark

    13 year old emo middle schooler me would be proud. 🤠