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  1. HELL YEA [/color{
  2. Its already legal in my brain 
  3. i think it should be legalized but regulated and being sold in clinics under observation ;)
  4. Its legal in mine already :D
  5. Yass  God put it on the earth for a reason  I Get High ... 
  6. Weed is an abused drug ️ I'll never smoke it. No matter how "good" people say it is.
  7. Oh I said burn, put your two lungs to work.. 
  8. Marijuana has tonsod negative side affects that can effect your life many years after you quit, even. Knowledge of these pushes me to say no.

    If it is legalized, all people that buy it must take a test that confirms that they know what they are getting themselves into.
  9. I moving to Washington B) so I can smoke and get Webs into it 
  10. the smell is BAD! tastes gross too how do people become addicted to that stuff?? ( ° . ° )
  11. Yeah. Because with all the drunk driving, road accidents, crime and robbery so people can satisfy their addictions lets legalise weed and increase these statistics. Why dont we. What utter ****** crap. America sucks.
  12. My dad smoked weed before I was born lol
    I have some distant auntie who smokes it lol
    And like 2nd cousins that smoke it I think lol
    Then my neighbour smokes it ?
  13. ^ you should smoke, let loose, and I'll show you a whole new world of fun ;)
  14. Seems legit ;)
    Seems exciting
    Much hype
    Very fun

    But it doesn't smell nice :(
  15. @ Mrs Beans on pg 1 it does affect your driving. I had always smoked at home but… once i smiked it at my sisters house with her bf but tbh it messed me up bad think it had somethin in it. Either way it's not as bad as alcohol where you just might pass out but it does make you slower if you smoke enough.

    I started smoking bcuz I have a sleeping problem. Tbh I'd only sleep 3hrs or less and wake up wired. Docs said it was very unhealthy and they tried to give me meds so I could sleep. The mgs was so high bcuz at 1st they wouldn't work. But then I was fighting even waking up or feeling groggy for many hrs. Weed I just smoked so much went to sleep for 6-8hrs just fine and I wasn't groggy when I woke up. At that time I was working in a factory and you had to have a fast pace so weed did work for me.

    Then I got hooked on it tho. Smoked more often and spent more money so much that ppl would probably think im crazy for how much I dropped in it. I quit tho once I found out my sister was prego and knew I would be taking care of her. I do agree it shouldn't be smoked around kids.

    I support for medical reasons.
  16. Somked* and if I have anymore fails sorry -.- just woke up