Should it be a new VIP.

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  1. And was the first to do it
  2. That's quite amazing.
  3. 757 losses on a bc is amazing too

  4. 
  5. Why dont they just make a VIP category for everything while they're at it.

    Biggest partier. Highest amount of party crap collected. Longest party crap collector streak. Etc etc.

    Lots of dumb crap to VIP
  6. Rp teacher vip. #1 Jopo. Includes grammar lessons. All heil senpai Jopo.
  7. Too much work to calculate that stuff, you would need to keep in mind misc od both persons, their avatars, their TB ?
  8. I think op is talking about the room alone and nothing else?
  9. tyson was the first to do it lil fairy
  10. Those whom provided information on how to obtain furniture, I appreciate the response...But I'm still lost on how you upgrade the furniture. I haven't been focused much with pimd to be up to date of the new features and add ons. Last Day On Earth and nbalivemobile has divided most of my spare time I have to Netflix and chill with my device. But when I jump on the toilet, pimd gets my divine attention. Or if someone introduce themselves in the wrong which they maybe seeking my attention to ration out a few notes I always keep available to help me harvest their crops and tend to their livestock... But other than that, I'm out of the loop with the ends and outs of a game I dedicated countless hours, days , months and years, just to see what once took me a year and some months to achieve, someone accomplish in one month. LMAO. ....Damn I'm high as crap on the crapper....Say no to drugs and alcohol.
  11. You have to recycle other pieces of furn first to obtain upgrading components which consist of nuts,bolts, and washers. Some furn, when recycled, give special components.

    For example, if you want to upgrade your bed, you must recycle another bed (in order to get the springs, a bed-specific upgrading component) im actually currently making a furn guide, so hopefully that will be available soon.....
  12. To upgrade your furniture. When you go to select which item to put you hold it down until the item wiggles or whatever and it'll say recycle, equip or upgrade.

    You need to have recycled some furniture and received the necessary materials to upgrade though.

    i'm not good at explaining but i hope i helped ig.

  13. Thanks, I definitely didn't know this.

  14. Thanks, I definitely didn't know this.
  15. You're welcome! glad my poorly executed response could help.