Should it be a new VIP.

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  1. Who do you know or seen with the biggest room in stats. The biggest I've seen so far is" Kimani". 283m/283m.
    I am still trying to grasp the understanding of My Room, and where to obtain furniture, much of mines was given to me.
  2. There's a thread for buying and selling furniture. Or u can just post in wc that ur looking to obtain furniture. not that hard my dude.
  3. Tyson <--- his room is the highest of anyone's yet, almost if not maxed (?). 398/398
  4. The best room, in regards to stats, is Tyson’s, with 397,950,000/397,950,000. They have level 10 of everything (which is max level of furn).

    You can get furn in boxes, buying it (with ec), and trading with others.
  5. Whoops?
  6. i dont have stalking ability to know it bud… sorry
  7. Tyson and Oz-KiLling_You_4_Fun

    Both have a 398/398 room stats. ?
  8. Just a bit late, green butt?
  9. How much of the stats of your room add to your actual stats???
  10. But I added new information about Oz. ?
  11. They add exactly as they are, to your misc bonus
  12. Ohh thanks.
    But how much of misc. Bonus adds to actual stats?? I mean is there a proper way to calculate the strength of your tb and mcs bonus??
  13. I heard it was 250mcs (of misc) equals about 1mcs in raw? someone correct me if I’m wrong plz
  14. Tb is every 50m = 1m raw stat. Many argue over the raw stat calculations of misc bonus
  15. Ohh thanks for help.
  16. Thanks Lily
  17. If War-King is still around i think he'll calculate it for us…
  18. I'm max 398/398