shard avatars looks like

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  1. Can you help me that how shard avatars looks like shard avatar information
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  2. The zodiac shard avatars? Or a different shard avi (like the lambs/fawn)?
  3. Which shards? There's a bunch of different kinds
  4. Forum still has info on all of them, Zodiac for example is just few tppics below this one :)
  5. We need a thread with info and pictures on all of the ones that exist so far, I’m willing to make it but I might need a little help.
  6. I could be able to help a little. I have cap and sag ( both female) and my RS has cap, Leo and maybe another (male).

    If you're including the holiday shards, I have both deer and both the puff Avis and one of the lamb or bunny ones.

    Zodiac; Capricorn, Sagittarius
    Valentine's; both bow avis, regular note, both puffs
    Easter; regular bunny, both deer
  7. Is the ata thread not enough? I think it shows stats and how many to combine to create them
  8. Yeah but all the info is on separate threads. A compilation of all the shard avatars in ONE thread would be better in terms of reference.
  9. An integrated shard thread would be great ? I have the female leo and the cupid bow male if that will help? 
  10. Female Leo would be helpful!! I’m also gathering info on the antique mirror avis and ghostly axe/bat avis.
  11. Okay should i wall you the imgur link? I also have the first antique mirror female if you need it 
  12. You can post the link here I can just screenshot the picture
  13. I have an easy/lazy idea ?
  14. What’s your idea?
  15. This
    Pretty lazy, haha, but it has all of the information easily accessible. I would create a discussion thread (accessible in active topics) linking to that page (off on the side where people rarely post in threads) and whomever could post new banners/links as they are released. Then ask a mod to please edit the url in. Would this work well enough? cuz I'm feeling super lazy about creating a discussion topic if not, haha

    Edit: o, and did I miss any?
  16. Well that can do too i guess?
  17. Oh yeah I guess that works
  18. How does the ghostly bats or axes ava combined ? I mean do we need activator ?
  19. Nope, as soon as you get the required amount they just combine!