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  1. Hi! @lowkey_hays is selling her club. She’s looking for 3b. It’s brand new, so nothing is unlocked. If you’re interested you can contact her or myself.
  2. I'll give you one rock.
  3. *rock chibi
  4. I-

    It would be cheaper to just make your own new club for 200m rather than pay 3b if nothing is unlocked. No support
  5. No. Just a rock.
  6. Ik
  7. lol who will buy and waste their b on an unlocked party club
  8. Honestly shut up. It’s a little harsh even for me but I’m just trying to help this girl. Get out of my thread if you’re gonna be like that 🙄✌️
  9. I mean if you are friends with her why not educate her on why she's not gonna get 3b for the club?
  10. if ur a friend u wont put her in this situation and would teach her whats acceptable and whats not so she wont embarrasse her self :)
  11. 👀 many mixed signals flying around here. I would tell her though it's not worth 3 b.
  12. She’s not getting 3b especially when kini or cat isn’t unlocked
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  13. At least you gave an attempt?