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  1. Whoa this thread died
    A whole 3 days

  2. But yet you've mixed up people and judged, as for the fact that you have mixed up Jopo and I. But I'm over here like


    Cause this big bro little bro stuff you got going on makes me think you're the same person. Alt alt alt alt alt. Like booty booty booty rocking everywhere.
  3. Also why do you continue to disrespect someone else and their relationships off game just for the fact that they dislike you. Lol, if they do or do not have something off game that's their business doesn't make the fact that they don't like or regard what you say any less relevant, in fact it makes it more so due to the fact that they can tell and sense thirst unlike other desperate people's. You create sentences trying to make yourself sound smart and articulate and talk yourself into a hole. You talk all this mess about not judging and how you're all butterflies and love but your responses are pure opposite. Get yourself together bro.
  4.  Drama as per
  5. Did you sense that the words I said could pertain to you as well ?
  6. Because you haven't pose and post a pic recently
  7. I don't have you two mixed up, nor am I judging you. You can think that I'm an alt, but show me that I'm an alt. You can't say that something is something else, when it isn't. It's just foolish
  8. I'm not disrespecting anyone's relationship, because they 'dislike' me. Please tell me who you are referring to so I don't make an assumption. How am I not articulate? How do I try to make myself sound articulate? You're starting to agitate me, because you're trying to compare me to Fume, and you know I hate that. I condone peace in my actions and my words. Let's not talk about me tho, what's this couple you're talking about? PLEASE elaborate on your little false statement about the couple. With every fiber of my being I'm quite interested on who you're insisting I'm thirsty for. I'm so anxious to find out. I mean, a couple off the game? All I know are you internet couples off the game. Are they long distance? No, please, please, please, I'm DESPERATE to hear the names of the two people in question. Cause every girl that I talked to that's in a relationship now, or is talking to other guys, has been around the block several times and they don't like me, because I cut them off for being promiscuous. You can't even call me thirsty or desperate for anyone on here, I know how the cycle works on here. Again, please, tell me, I can prove you wrong so quick, and when I do, apologize for comparing me to Fume. Thanks in advance
  9. Image hospital
    Thirst moratorium

  10. Here we go again :roll: I thought you left?!
  11. [​IMG]

    Jeez, finally. Goodbye thread.
  12. Why does it never work for me ??
  13. anyway, did jaco ever get a latina rp partner? he's been looking pretty hard
  14. Latina? Rp? I'm not looking for Latinas nor am I looking for rp. What I am looking for is furniture. Spread the word

  15. zzzz

    dont deny the things i say cuz ion say em without receipts
  16. Let me ask you this... and answer honestly. There's a little Mexico on the Westside, if I was really looking for Latinas, why wouldn't I just go there?? Where is proof of your rp claim??? Do you have screenshots of me, 'spoiling' one of them? Did you know, we all say stuff we don't mean, all the time? Why are you taking time out your day to watch what I post in campus chat? I haven't even dated a Latina since 2015. I've been in love with Asian women. Once you go Asian, you'll feel their persuasion :lol: :lol:
  17. gonna get an aneurysm from this cringe Jaco. stop