Selfie Thread

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  1. [​IMG]
    I forgot how to pose for photos. I have orange hair now tho
  2. Orange hair, new IGN......... we love a woman that keeps us on our toes
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  3. I read directions on how to upload and still can’t figure it out so clearly I’m dumb and doing something wrong plz help lol 😔
  4. Check out this guide.
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  5. [​IMG]

    Hey, it’s Jani. I’ve been on and off PIMD for almost six years. Feel free to wall me and get to know me, maybe.
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  6. Do u listen to the girl in the red
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  7. Nope, don't like the sound. altho that's a lesbian stereotype for some reason
  8. Ppl on this thread are GLOWING with beauty, share some with us the potatoes
  9. so ur gay right
  10. Y
  11. pain
  12. No, that's T
  13. PAIN
  14. Ya
  15. [​IMG] Y'all can't get rid of me
  16. Love the Halloweenie hair 🧡🖤
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  17. Thankies! I did it with Arctic Fox "Poison". My cousin just gave me a bottle of the Arctic Fox "Virgin Pink" and I'm going to let the current color fade out before I completely dye my entire head a mixture of the two! Kinda going for something like this:

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  18. Bumpy
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  19. Besides the cute color, good cat-eye liner. I'm jelly
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