Selfie Thread

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  1. If you were literally just a head we could set you on a table and be open for business.

    Shit, any customers? 10 bentos per hour
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  2. Gimmie half the profit and deal
  3. We'll use phrases like "Head To The Head For Head."

    I can already see the rich white men of PIMD lining up.
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  4. Shhhh it only took about 6 attempts or something :)
  5. someone cute post a selfie
  6. no
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  7. well yea wasn't talking ab u
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  8. Still no
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  9. You need to select the link from the direct picture, not the album. Double click on the picture to make sure you’re only on the picture.
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    been a while since I’ve been on and done this πŸ™ƒ I can’t even remember if this is how you upload πŸ˜‚
  12. Fixed.
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  13. I like your glasses
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  14. β€œOMG this thread still exists”
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  15. Post your face again pls
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  16. Do what she says. Pls?
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  17. No u x2
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