Selfie Thread

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  1. I
    I remember yew
  2. My hair. It green.

  3. I cant keep up with your hair colours lol. Still cute nevertheless
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  4. “Like omg you’re so cute”
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  5. awww thanks Kt 🥺
  6. Im little disturbed by your friend’s morphed face or lack thereof lol.
  7. k
    it's a physical disorder ://
  8. What the, are you for real?
  9. 😔
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  10. 😂😂😂 rj why didnt u just put emojis on them lmaooo
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  11. what he did is 1000x better
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  12. Cute
  13. ur cuter
  14. [​IMG]

    ☀️ I’m in hell 🌻
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  15. Hi ur cute
  16. where's the pushups