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  1. Hey guys just wanted to start a selfies thread. Post your pic and a caption. You can rate the person above you, but be nice and play fair.I guess more graphic pictures are allowed (not sure) but bear in mind you're responsible for yourself here.
    I'll set the ball rolling. Don't mind me, I'm ugly as hell?
    To post a pic check this site: then choose the picture leave the size on "Default" go through the spam filter then copy the code for "forums" and paste on the forum. Ask me if you still don't understand.
  2. There's already a selfie thread though.?

    And actually the easiest way to download a pic is by going to and uploading the pic through there. Make sure to add .jpg at the end of the code! Then put it though the imgfit code:
    [imgift]code here[/imgfit]
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  3. Fixed, and what Crystal said :)
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  4. Thanks. Tinypic is the only method I know. So you guys should listen to Crystal, she's smart. Anyways Idk about the other selfies thread but can't seem to find it
  5. I'll bump it for ya
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  6. It was literally half way down the first page too. Damn, if you're gonna be lazy then just scan the first page. ?
  7. Should I post here too? ? because selfies are where it is
  8. Post your selfies everywhere pls Daisy ♡
  9. In a snack wrap
  10. Or you can just go to imgur and go to the drop down next to the link after you upload the image and choose bbcode and change the [​IMG]
  11. Daisy please post, and you too Warren. Oh and thanks for the bump, nice to know not all humans are hellbent on bombing the world to ashes?
  12. Posting because it's v v demanded by my fans ?

    Old pic but my favorite ??
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  13. ? beautiful.
  14. Damn ok <33
  15. lock this misery
  16. This is now a daisy appreciation thread. ?
  17. Do you not see Daisy???
  18. Take new selfies so we can exchange new selfies together :') 
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