Self Quarantine Ideas?!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Zault, Mar 14, 2020.

  1. So anyone with a cold has been told to work from home for two weeks. What would you do with your Corona-cation?
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  2. If animal crossing would release their new game already... Just one more week 😤

    But yeah. Video games, spring cleaning, go on walks.
  3. Start writing a book about surviving the plague.
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  4. if you slit your wrist you dont need to worry about that
  5. Pro tip...
  6. If you slit your wrist it'll let the corona in
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  7. Do online classes, there are many free classes starting from office programs to web design, photography! Always learn new things.

    Right now I’m doing public speaking course and learning spanish.
  8. Probably sleep, I’m like 70 years past my bedtime
  9. Honestly though 🥺 I’ve been waiting 5ever for a new version.

    My uni is away for over a month so I honestly don’t know what to do with myself.
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  10. My family's been taking this time to binge watch dramas and movies. And also karaoke at night. Tbh I have enough hobbies to keep me occupied either way.
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  11. I watched the press release and it looks greaaaaat 😚 I hope it's as good as the first animilar crossing on DS
  12. Read The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous. It's really enlightening for normies
  13. I couldn’t agree more 😍 I’ve seen some of the ss of the gameplay and it looks beautiful
  14. Watch all the shows & movies you keep saying you’ll watch & never do
  15. Whoops
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  16. Oni gonna get us all killed
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  17. I just want paid leave 😔✊🏻
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  18. Go on a trip to Colombia and then come back and get an extra 2 weeks. I'm almost there, one more plane ride 😕 planes make me so nauseous
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  19. Time... Off? What's that? Sounds like something I can't really afford.
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  20. Write a book