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  1. What is this candle:
    An non kcs item to start a side story.

    Can I have 1 btw?
  2. Oh so thats what this thing is ?
  3. idk it's not in gifts tho
  4. The candle unlocks the side story
  5. It drops from party, so like the golden egg drop i guess?
  6. Can i have 1candle plsss 
  7. Where did i get that candle ?
  8. It drops from potd and cc so far that I've seen
    The green one. It also appears giftable because when looking at it in showcase it shows the Orange gift icon
  9. Probly safe to assume it's green ale and mimosa equivalent for this hunt
  10. Also you can gift them to other players without worry. Since after the first task, you'll get another candle back.
  11. Can I borrow it for someone? I will return it as soon as I unlock the story, pm me ?
  12. Can I borrow one please?
  13. Gift me secret candle I'll gift back ?
  14. I can lend mine to people who need to start their side story. Just wall me.