Scheduled Server Maintenance - Mon January 7th @ 9 PM PST

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  1. We will be performing scheduled server maintenance on Monday night, January 7th beginning at approximately 9 PM Pacific Time.

    This maintenance is expected to last for approximately 1 hour, during which time the game will be unavailable.

    We highly recommend that you do not use Hypnocats, Bikinis or Care Pack Notices, or start Premium Parties around this time.

    Scheduled Maintenance
    Pacific Time
    Monday, January 7th 2019
    9:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  2. Ur late as fưck for that
  3. Thanks for the heads up!
  4. O so that’s 5am my time. Which means I’ll either be asleep or staying up to take a 5 hour shït which I doubt.
  5. You mean shift?
  6. I’ve been wanting to start an anime series, now I finally have the time to do it
  7. No. Shït
  8. Will this maintenance solve any of the glitching issues in the game? Or are we stuck force closing repeatedly and waiting til the app opens? Oh oh maybe another app update?
  10. ^Ty, forgot.
  11. thx for the reminder
  12. Waiting...