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  1. i mean this pop-up when you shake your phone

    oh thats annoying asf, well good thing we have the x
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  2. The forums look awesome now, but I can't find anything 😭 and also I had an app for android that is a guide and now the app doesn't work 😭
  3. Oh I’m an idiot
  4. Pls add emoji spell's for every nonth
  5. Pls add emoji spell's for every month
  6. pls add emoji spell's for every month
  7. . Pls add emoji spell's for every month
  8. I saw this and thought there was another forum mantience 💀
  9. I’m not sure if this is the place to ask for that, and where did you even find this thread?😂🌚
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  10. 1) Spamming a thread won’t help you get what you want
    2) Make Your own thread
    3) Ew no
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  11. I kept spelling emoji wrong
  12. Idk how to make my own thread amd u don't have to be rude
  14. Pls add a party horn emoji spell
  15. You could’ve had ruder people come at you tbh.. at least u didn’t get the forum queen herself attack you for spamming in her castle ja.

    But to make a thread first in the homepage choose which one you want to make it under. For example lets say you want to do a suggestion thread, click “Other pimd discussion” then click that orange button where it says Post New thread.

    Then just write in your thread title and text etc. once you’re done scroll to the bottom and click the green “Create thread button”
  16. There's more then enuf party boosts don't need more. Stop spamming your shît it has nothing to do with ata game breaking again
  17. When can I get help regarding regarding my ata account because it says that my email was invalid when I did the password change. Which is quite amazing, seeming that my account never had this problem over the last 2 years
  18. Ugh is it possible to lock this?? Lol like how did y’all find this
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