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  1. She is a nice person she never scammed me I just met her.
  3. Trust no one when it comes to your fake items and even faker monies omg :(

  5. I'm sure she is ?
  6. Lol I thought she was in a club that farms scammers lol Pimd is so twisted ??
  7. And thx for the heads up
  8. Kewl thanks
  10. Yash8pathak is a scammed beware of him n if u want farm him
  11. Seems like someone is a little butthurt ^
  12. I'm a trusted scammer. What do you need? I have every Item for the right price.
  13. Her Club scams even more... So I dunno why she farms 'Scammers' 
  14. 10_01 is a scammer do not trade with it
  15. copidpop_-kiLling_-You_-4_-fun heres another name to add to the ever growing threat called scammers

  16. Don’t be a snitch-
  17. Calling players “scammers” regardless of if true is considered public defamation and is against the ToU.
  18. Why the fuck did you bump a 5 year old thread
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  19. 2015... when forums is full of trolls