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  1. Lnuby is a scammer. Don't trust her. She does gift spams to cover it up.
  2. thanks for the info i dont care about. and congrats on being an idiot
  7. I guess
  8. That's for visiting the forums. We will see you in a month or so
  9. ok ty for the heads up
  10. No support.
  12. Thank you for informing us ?? even though I rarely trade
  13. Every time I get on Forums I see one of these Threads.
  15. I did not say "awesome and helpful." :)
  16. All lies
  17. It's called being a decent person and giving other people a heads up. You guys didn't have to comment on this being jerks
  18. I'm sure the thousands of people playing this game will come here to check what you said, pit that name on their scam list and make sure not to trade with him when and if they ever come across him

    But then again, that's the usual response anyone gets in forums
    It's best if you don't trade with strangers