Say Goodbye: Avis, Items & Furni Leaving Soon!

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  1. they will most likely be gone with the next vip box update
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    Support <3 Support <3 Support <3
  4. Fake ata???‍♂️
  5. No i still didn't finished combinations 
  6. Glad they lied tho
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    I thought the same :eek:
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    Booooo no not cool 
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    This is crap.
  10. Is there still possible way if I could still get the female learning legend avi?
  11. You can get it from Legacy Social Boxes which occasionally drop from regular buddy boxes.
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  12. لطفا فقط فارسی چت کنید😑😐😕
  13. Use actul words
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  14. English only in forums
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  15. Awwwwe dang, thank you so much
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  16. Damn.. I didn’t get none of those avi😂
  17. So literally another cash grab??
    The furniture will be fairly easy to come by but I'm sure people will literally just buy to try for avis and the combinations that they want. Disappointing.
  18. People do that anyway
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  19. Cool