EVENT Roots & Branches

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  1. Thank God the beautiful avi style has come back!
  2. The girl with "face paint on"....a red hand is actually representing #MMIW #MMIWG. For our Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls. Native women & girls are kidnapped and murdered at a higher rate than any nationality. It's to bring awareness to this serious issue. These cases are also the least investigated by law enforcement, which is disturbing.
  3. None of it is offensive it’s just the way it is. If you’ve lived amongst natives (specifically on a reservation) this is just how it is. This is actually a good representation oof the negative turned positive by struggling natives.
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  4. Yes!!! Thank you

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  5. Coolness. I somewhat wish it hadn't been done on Thanksgiving but I like the idea nonetheless. Now that you've braved it and done an indigenous hunt it would be cool if you added more indigenous avatars in alongside all the white/black/asian ones 💕
  6. I appreciate the good drops this hunt @ATA 😁 Got two avas and a 499 👍
  7. What parties drop picnic lunches, aside from pizza and cat?
  8. Party of the day, as always.
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  9. This is supposed to be a Native American hunt? 🥴
  10. It is, specifically the Salish tribe in the Pacific Northwest. They consulted actual Native people about it.
  11. I couldn’t tell just by looking at it. I figured that out by reading the comments.
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  12. Thanks, I realized after I posted but couldn't delete, lmao. I'd just never read the info thing before so I thought maybe it was something different this time.
  13. They consulted with Natives to do it right.