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  1. I'm glad to know you think increasing exposure of other cultures is so terrible. They spent a lot of time with this, and their designs were based off of meetings with indigenous consultants.
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  2. The new hunt is ugly , you can do much better than that!
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  3. Ooo “secret” 🤭 I love secrets so bring em on🌚
  4. Y’all: we need more ethic avatars!!!
    Ata: ok we hear u.. how about a mini hunt
    Y’all: oMg u cAnt dO tHaT iTs CuLtuRaL ApPrOpRiAtiOn
  5. How is it offensive?

    What do you think hunts should be then?
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  6. I think this hunt is a good way to spread awareness about indigenous people. Yes, there might be details that are missing or some aspects that you find untrue, but for those who barely know anything about native people, it’s still a way to at least earn some information about them.
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  7. Thank you for including Native American culture and showing representation for some of the tribes. A'ho!!✊🏼
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  8. Ehhhh 🌝
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  9. “Top secret reasons”...

    Of course... I’m sure we’re all just clueless. For the love of God, ATA, puh-leeze!
  10. I think ATA did their due dilligence with this. They consulted Native American artists and did their best to be as culturally appreciative as they could be. They even went and found good organizations to donate to that benefit the youth. Can’t please everybody but cut them a little slack sometimes.
  11. i think this is beautifully executed and always love when you guys consult with people from different cultures. Well done 💖
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  12. I’m deleting this game because ur comment offends me .. il reinstall in less than five minutes.. bye
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  13. just..... No..... They did a really good job making sure to credit and get the information from the source

    they even got a Two Spirted Person as well... mentioning indigenous people isn’t offensive 🙄 they’re getting some good representations here, not to mention not side stepping the fact that thanksgiving is not a fun loving holiday for indigenous people... thanksgiving is a settler holiday... and you know what settlers did to our people?

    don’t just call touchy subjects offensive for Woke points 🙄
  14. For those of you only caring about Black Friday, remember what settlers did to Native Americans was genocide. They still refuse to label it as such in our history books. Even today, Native Americans are many of the most impoverished people in the richest country in the world. Many on reservations do not have access to basic services that the rest of us take for granted like police protection or fire departments. So while we feast on turkey and pie and get ready to gobble up hypnocat money (or work godawful retail hours *cough*), I appreciate that ATA is shedding some light on the plight of native peoples. Let's give thanks to the progress that we have made, but remember there is still a lot of work to be done.
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  15. Thank you 🥰

    But Cops are no allies to indigenous people, countless Cops have killed indigenous people for holding protests and trying to protect their land, happens in Canada, can’t speak for the States but I imagine it’s similar or the same, and like not to mention all the missing indigenous women all around Canada they don’t give a rats ass about
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  16. I love the idea of this hunt 🧡
  17. is that native american with the two braids inspired by the character from joe dirt?
  18. Preach ❤️
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