EVENT Roots & Branches

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  1. I like the message and purpose. But well. That's about it LOL
    The drop avis are kinda cool tho
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  2. Oh that’s slightly unnerving
  3. The idea is really nice.
  4. This is beautiful and tactfully done. Thank you for not appropriating the culture. I'm super glad y'all reached out to someone who was able to lend guidance.

    As someone of Cherokee lineage, I appreciate this.
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  5. Decent concept but not really my bag.
  6. I really like this hunt. It's nice to have a Thanksgiving hunt that's not all pumpkin pie and turkey. I also really like that you consulted real people of indigenous descent, and even have charities we can donate to!
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  8. People really need to learn about history native Americans back then they were just as dark ask I am yall should have really explore all the pigments I don't like the avatars 🙅🏾 it doesn't fully represent Native Americans
  9. As a Native American and someone that enjoys this game and has seen a lot of awesome changes I have to give kudos to you guys. Thank you ATA. 😁👍
  10. They'll never be able to cover every person of every colour, but this is a great step forward! ATA worked with Indigenous folks to develop these and it's a nice change of pace for what we get for avas.
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  11. Ehh.. who is designing these avatars lately?
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  12. The wallpaper is beautiful.
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  13. I love the inclusion, however.. these Avis are terrible. :(
  14. Love l
  15. as a native person, this hunt makes me really happy!! the furniture is all super cute. however, i wish there were more variety in the skin tones! i also thought the “1/16th scottish princess” shirt is really funny LOL
  16. Love. Love. Love. The “Unceded” wall art tho? “Depicts in orange which parts of North America were stolen from Native Americans.” All.👏Of.👏It.👏

    Well done Apes. Proud of you. 🧡
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  17. What makes you say that?
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  19. New dorms and parties 👍🏻😂
  20. I dont think this is okay at all. Leave cultures alone. I have friends and family who are native and my one friend just deleted this game because its very offensive.