EVENT Roots & Branches

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  1. #BlackFriday
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  2. did you just assume––
  3. 🤦‍♂️
  4. As usual... Ugly avatars ugly furniture 🙄
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  5. Sleeping until black Friday. But you know good job ata squad
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  6. Why is there not a good avatars ☹️
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  7. Maybe, just maybe, have a Latin America inspired hunt & I'll join👀🤔
  8. the avis are eh, but still like the charity aspect of this hunt. can’t wait for the BF avis!
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  9. Meh
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  10. Why on earth would you say that
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  11. This is nice
  12. People need to relax lol it’s a thanksgiving hunt! HAPPY THANSKGIVING 🦃
  13. Hmmm i love the idea of celebrating our heritages. Can’t wait for Black Friday though.
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  14. We’ve seen the leaks marce, we're bracing ourselves for what’s coming
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  15. I really love the fact that you included this culture on a hunt during a holiday that means something very different to them (sadly, in awful ways).
    Not only that, but also made sure to consult people in order to make it the best representation possible. I'm sure a lot of Natives/First Nations are going to appreciate it much more.

    Thank you for doing this, and for linking us to charities. Way to go, ATA! ❤️
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  16. You can never fully prepare for what's coming
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    the box avi got me Swooooooooning

    also anyone complaining about it being ugly really don’t understand the importance of this frfr
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