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  1. Facts don't care about feelings
  2. Okay but like why you gotta be like that
  3. All club ign tags kinda trashy tbh. It's performative.
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  4. I mean ig but is it necessary to target that one persons club tag for no reason?
  5. Not really, no.

    But I also know that Julie doesn't care. 🤣
  6. Who says there's no reason? Ascension is trash. Only trashy people associate with them.
  7. What’s wrong with Ascension?
  8. They're the worst.... I can't even being to describe the atrocities they've commited in this post
  9. Go ahead, describe them
  10. I don't have that kind of time
  11. Okay then, it just proves my point that you had no reason to insult it, but whatever floats your boat 🤷‍♀️
  12. Oh I have very good reasons...
  13. I mean, public forum 🥴 You can say you don’t like people.
  14. Okay not my problem then, sorry for butting in 😗
  15. Support. Happy I found this thread otherwise I would’ve made one stating the same thing. Some people have different themed room presets they rotate, and also for the holidays there’s new halloween or Christmas, etc. dorms being made. I know dorm contests are a thing as well, so this could be helpful with that....rather than doing each furni it’s all saved as a “themed preset”.
  16. Support. When I get new furn I want to try with furn I don't have equipped at the moment, I have to work to change the furn of that page to see if it works or even take a further step and change the whole room to evaluate...then change it all back to what I had before. With my memory, the process takes a while. 😅 The dorm preset would save me a lot of time!
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  17. Omg I need this to happen 😭💞🙏I hope ata will help us all and do this
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  18. 🤓🍿
  19. gonna share 🥺
  20. 🍿🤔