Role Players solution.

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  1. 11/11 f op dtw
    Rp is life, bro. I am the defender of rpers. Mess with rping and I'll hit you more!!
  2. She's coming with her post count spam in about 2.5 seconds
  3. OP's status message made me laugh for like two minutes straight. 
  4. Op used a dn. I am pleased. I shall unload again when I am full
    And play with me, baby. I'll be your farmland to plow ;)
  5. You said in op that they ought to "play with themselves" by typing the responses they desire to themselves(?), but now you find it odd—you suggested it. :lol:
  6. Intelligence
  7. Your original post makes me think. (Shocker, right? ) if you're suggesting that they have no physical interaction then why do people watch adult films?
    You're contradicting yourself. If rp bothers you enough to make a thread, get off of pimd because by playing, you're ROLEPLAYING as a college student.
  8. I only read it because you brought it up , it had me rolling also 
  9. :roll: Yup.
  10. It all depends on what a person likes. If you want to tickle your own peach while talking dirty to a stranger online, good for you.

    If you'd rather have the real thing, that's great also.

    :roll: RP is going to be around whether we like it or not. So we're just going to have to deal with it until ATA finally does something about it.
  11. Its no objections to role players in my each their own..Part of my is no physical interaction, not even a mental picture of the person you are chatting with, you are only getting a fulfillment off of what you read...So why not type it
  12. Not sure, I'm going to assume that wouldn't be any fun. ?
  13. I never response to attention seekers on this game,because I refuse to give purpose to a life they don't have outside of this app.But I been hitting this chump since he started. I see now that he she or Tony is a person with 3 contacts in their phone....Customer care, call balance and a wrong call he added and put friend as a contact name...lmao
  14. I'm going to assume that was a really good burn even though I couldn't understand it.
  15. Trust, I will never again respond only with hits.
  16. I type to myself all the time :(

  17. Lol..
  18. Are you the chosen one?
  19. Ooooo this thread became v deep in like 2.5 seconds