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  1. Hallo, PimD!
    As you know we have a certain artist that has been all over forums drawing us comics and skits. Well because of the love he's gotten for his work, and after a few being placed in the Best of section.. One brilliant mod by the name of Bluntwiches asked for a entire section for Wolf, or for all of his work to be placed in the Best Of section. Well..

    And so I took it upon myself to do so. Now, this thread will be updated every few comics as I don't want to spam support all the time.

    Now I present you with STD_RevolutionaryWolf's Comics.
    Admins have lives, too.
    -A Picture Thread-
    A PimD Meme to remember
    Asian Campus Vs. US Campus
    Beta War Stories
    Can you do this?
    Dat forum addiction doe
    For PimD
    For the people who complain
    Happy choco eating day guys
    Hooking up troll
    How I feel when I party
    How to get a Hypnocat
    How to get a Hypnocat #2
    Hunni (Updated)
    Hypnocat and Mardi Gras Beads
    It Is Time
    It's a Barcode life.
    March 4 is coming..
    Meh Mondays
    New idea for PimD, yush.
    New Word Definition of the Day!
    OMG don't go to this club they are bad
    People you meet in PimD
    Pimd Buzz
    PimD Buzz 2
    PimD Buzz 3
    PimD Comic Collection #1
    PimD for Dummies .1
    PimD in real life
    PimD in real life #2
    PimD in real life #2 (The Sequel)
    Pizza Thingy
    ...So annoying.
    So you asked for a PimD GF/BF
    Special comic thread
    The Admin Life (AGAIN)
    The anguish that is PimD gift giving
    The anguish that is Scavenger Items
    The Lost Scroll of KaW
    The People you meet on PimD
    The Secret ata Files
    The thing about RP clubs..
    What Really Happens in Admin Chat
    Why You Must Buy Pots In PimD

    I may not have gotten them all as there is a vast amount, if you find one I missed, wall me and let me know the topic it's under, and the page. Also here is Bluntwiches' thread asking for this.

    Congratulations on Best Of, STD_RevolutionaryWolf and thank you for your amazing comics.

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    Bumping so everyone can take a look at his work.
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  6. great work Annie, you made my thought a reality :) it's a Wolf Anthology :D
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    Congrats Wolf ✔ツ✔
  11. Fav thread to ever be made TBH
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