Return of the Honor Students!

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by pimd, May 2, 2014.

  1. Annie he didn't decline last time, he won it with onebadkitty and myself :p
  2. I should given one... I have record atleast 500 love wall art :)
  3. He didn't decline it  He put it in his FAQ thread that he's an honor student.
  4. :| I meant that he declined PimD announcing it.

    Didn't he?My memory is bad.
  5. Why do I not know who any of these players are?
  6. Do you hang out in forums a lot?
  7. wtf war-king is warrior? :shock:
  8. My lovely pupilAnnie
  9. why is war-king's name blue but not mentioned in this thread? :shock:
  10. oh the ones mentioned are new honor students. -_- my bad i didn't bother actually reading the thread
  11. i hope ata actually honor them with something other than a blue name,for help improving their app,or help making it understandable to new players.
    Give them unlimited ec or doctor notes for day.
    Every Monday honor students appreication day.Give them something, the time it takes someone to make a perfect guide to help the whole community isnt easy.
  12. Stupidest thing I've heard of in this game yet.
  13. Well, I was an old honor student, but pimd tried to make me one again 
  14. Do hinor students get a color in campus chat and club chat also?
  15. Forums only, our names are not....ehh what blue is this lol? On campus like mods or developer accounts.
  16. itll be cool tho yall can be easily represented when yall ask for pie rp