Return of the Honor Students!

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  1. Stop it
    Get out of here
  2. Congratulations
  3. Y'all really be digging up old threads lmao
  4. I been helping n stuffs b ofc never get so kind of privilege from Ata
  5. This is definitely the way to go about getting hs.
  6. Keep at it and you will be noticed!
  7. Old news check dates before ya post
  8. Staaahhp this is so old
  9. I wish someday you take notice of me. I applied for a mod last time but got rejected. πŸ˜”πŸ’”
  10. You got rejected because you didn’t make the cut. Get over it. My whole life is me not making the cut. #firstworldproblems
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  11. Congrats to those who won the honorary student award and keep up the good workπŸ˜πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘
  12. You're about 5 and a half years late. πŸ™Š
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  13. This was a terrible idea and literally every honor student ended up in some weird scandal
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  15. Uhhhhhhm what kinda dramasπŸ‘€
  16. "Literally every honour student"

    More like; 2.
  17. Seriously lol, I only know of 1 honor student (Holmes)
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  18. @RevolutionaryWolf and @-PA_KaramelApples- are two other active ones. The latter is also a mod. Wolf used to be one but retired. There's several other honor students, but they're mostly inactive.

    There have been other people awarded HS in the past, too, but are no longer HS due to... behavior that isn't so honorable.
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