EVENT Rescue Party!

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  1. I think they’re talking about the 1 week hunts? Can’t remember the drop req for them though.
  2. Oh, yes, on week hunts it is at 3.5k but 3.5k on one week hunts is the equivalent of 8k (prev. 6k) on 2 week hunts.
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  3. Good point. My mistake. It was 6 k. 😊
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  4. I achieved last hunt for first time in what seems an age, to get both avatars. Excited to see I will get both avatars this hunt too, so can have the female avatar I want on reaching the 8k drops so well pleased and content. Even spent money this hunt too. Thank you ATA. . 😍💞
    With smaller accounts, when one spent 4/5 hours on the big POTD parties just to fail them, it was a real downer. Now even with that occurring, we can still reach the first goal with an extra effort. 😊
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  5. Could you post a picture or screen shot of the two avatars? I’m not seeing them. I see the LB and box avatars then the ones you get by choosing either cat or dog.
  6. How much is the 499 and desk
  7. Selling hunt rug and 999....wmo if u buying
  8. I believe the two avatars shown in the original post are from if you choose the other option for the story. I’ve seen quite a few people with that avatar before the third and fourth side stories hit. I got all the cat avatars, and of course there’s the LB avatars and the Hunt box avatars.
  9. I did not get the T3500 reward inspite of achieving rank above 3500
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  10. I didn’t either. Anyone heard anything about this?
  11. Have you tried maybe sending a help ticket?
  12. I didnt get the top 3500 rewards either..
  13. You will get the rewards only if you had 110000 hunt items. Then you are eligible for T3500.
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  14. This. The rewards are only for the XC leaderboards, not the main lb.

    (honestly thought they were talking about t3500 in XC lb, thanks for clearing it out)
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  15. Well that sucks. I wasted my dns and bentos for nothing

    But good to know for future hunts, so thank you for telling
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