EVENT Rescue Party!

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  1. Alright ATA you got me. Lol
  2. Lol I'm blind I looked at this post 8 times and overlooked it every single time
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  3. Ok i love this hunt
  4. probably my second favorite hunt im animal lover 🤩🤩

  5. They had beautiful Asian avatars for a side quest a while back. I’m not sure about the stats but we definitely have had gorgeous asian avatars. I feel like the high stat avatars just started coming out . I just wish they could be attained without EC
  6. I love this hunt! I'm glad there's no avi box and the 750kcs stat item is back at 1.5k side story drops!!
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  7. Credit where its due ATA. Last hunt covered paying members, Farmers in as much as they did not like the PvP not hurting Players but, they got to make use of the 3x pay out so took advantage of that. Small players were able to gain well with getting avatars, even by being hit, so they were happy, and they were able to get the avatar from parties as well so hopefully got male as well as female. The general all round player enjoyed the hunt too. Players learned about PvP without incurring losses. All in all a great hunt and no doubt more profit for you Apes for your super efforts for All. A plus.*****
    This hunt has so many rushing for cc clubs and that includes all sizes of players because you have catered once again for All. Money is being spent and you are getting great reviews, which you rightly deserve after so much thought, time and effort. It is once again a game worth playing and even spending out on for those that are able, whilst still giving non spenders a good reason to play as well. All respect to you for this.
    Thank you ATA. ❤
  8. Finally we dont have avi boxes thumbs up for that 👍👍thats a step foward
    Still i dont like the raised drops like every other hunt
    U could keep the drops the way it was but add more tiers or special exc's like we had during short hunts that or move avis on 3,5k and 8k
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  9. Whoever designed those shard avis. THANK YOU IM IN LOVE 🥵😍😍😍
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  10. Graey pls
  11. This hunt is great
  12. Since all avatars are in XC, LB, and the boxes, do you not get any from the side quest?
  13. I’m not completely sure, but I know the side story is on the phone like normal stories...so I think you’ll get it there! But I’m not at that point yet to confirm.
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  14. ATA I just wanna say it takes a LOT for me to splurge into shard avatars and this time I did. 😂

    Huge thumbs up for whoever designing the avatars. They are beautiful and finally have clothes on. Not to mention they look cute and the artwork is very detailed and intricate.

    Keep it up!
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  15. Is there a reason why leaderboard isn’t giving a 999?
  16. To be honest, the amount of smaller Players that were complaining about not reaching the 16k but getting to the 8k only to get the wrong sex avatar went to show that 8k is achievable for many, and ATA will have seen this, so no reason for dropping back down to 3.5 drops for the two weeks hunt. The Players now get both Avatars on reaching 8k drops so should be happy and content with this.
  17. Not all LBs give a 999 during hunts.
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  18. There’s literally a Chinese 95/95 from the zodiac beads
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  19. There are two avatars shown in the original post that aren't available yet through any of XC, LB, or boxes. So I would assume they are the 3rd and 4th side story avatars, per usual.
  20. Wdym back down to 3.5k? They were never at 3.5k. The lowest they were at was 6k.
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