EVENT Rescue Party!

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  1. Not always. They just started doing it for maybe the last 3 95/95 Avis. I’m happy with the representation.
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  2. If this hunt disappoints me and breaks my heart, I swear I’ll delete the game and never look back. I’ve lost two cats to old age and illness this year and all I want are sweet cat avatars. And maybe a 499 cat for my dorm.
  3. My fiancé’s cat died two hours after this hunt began. Too soon man
  4. I never see any Asian 95/95 🤷‍♀️ Representation seems to be highly limited. Not even the Tokyo inspired avis were actually Asian 🥴
  5. I only like horror party’s and cool avatar rewards and furniture looks like I’ll be passing this stupid one up
  6. There is an Asian 95/95 avatar, for the cat bead collection.
  7. 95/95 avatars are very recent! We’ve had some asian avatars in the past for sure, but as far as the higher stat avis go I’d just give it time.
  8. Also! Just want to add I am very pleased with the lack of avatar boxes this hunt!!!!
  9. So cute! I wish we can choose both🥺
  10. Same!!! Came here to say this. I'll take stories on XC over avatar boxes any time.

    I like being able to see the rewards/tiers.

    Also, I hope the 499 is tradeable... I can't get to over 100k drops, but those cats/dogs are so adorable.
  11. How do you get to do Rescue Party?
  12. Love seeing the rewards ahead of time! The stories tiers and rewards thread is a big go-to for me to determine how far I want to try to get in a hunt and if I'll spend a little money to get there. (And it'll give poor Muschi a bit of a break 🥰 She works too much for us~)

    Also glad the avis aren't boxed away! I didn't despise this feature, but it did make me slightly annoyed when I got an avi I didn't want first.

    But what's up with the 250 limits on stats? XD I highly doubt many people actually buy up so many of the 125kcs stats that that's needed? Kinda useless, but I guess I'm not too bothered.
  13. I don’t see anything wrong with this hunt ❤️
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  14. A lot of players tend to stack up on misc or buy with RWC so I was assuming it’s to help combat that area? Not 100% sure though.
  15. I’m disappointed in the Avis 🥴 both girl Avis are trash 🗑
  16. So sweet~
  17. Love this hunt!
  18. Omg you guys finally listened to my suggestion 😍 When will u do a hunt that would donate a few of ur income to a nonprofit organization? Or to animal rescue homes/shelters?
  19. please say sike....
  20. @Shneid tagging you since you're bad at finding posts in forums 🌚