CURRENT EVENT Rendezvous in Cebu

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  1. I'm not a fan of country-related hunts, but I like the idea of collecting flags from around the world. Just maybe with something different mixed in? Like now we have this one, next hunt could be something random like idk, sports cars or a movie or music or something, then the one after that again could revolve around a specific country with both avatars from that country and touristy avatars both and give a different flag and so on 🤔 I think like this it could be nice.
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  2. Your update makes it impossible to view the images.
  3. Can't see the heckin images :(
  4. I would love to give ata 2 thumbs up for bringing up Filipino Hunt.. however the furnitures are somewhat far from what filipino local muebles. The bed, plant, rug, nightstand and chair. I wonder if the researchers did their homework or they just put it it there just for the sake of putting it in. Please make it look local and realistic. ☹
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  5. I just want the “chill” avis because they genuinely look Filipino 🤧
  6. How do I get the chill avis tho? They look so good 😩 someone wm pls ❤️
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  7. Why does Magandang Dalaga avi looks she floatin? 😂 doesnt look good to me, only that part tho.
  9. I believe you can get them through collecting 1500 lechon rolls from the side story 🤙
  10. YOOOO ATA THANK YOUUUU ❤️❤️😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰 finally! This feels HOME! 😍😍
  11. Shut up if ppl don’t like this hunt doesn’t mean they’re racist
  12. Wdym by "floating"?
  13. if you have the avi equipped and look on your home page, it looks like she’s floating
  14. yeah it’s weirdly smaller than the other avis 🤔
  15. I've updated the app and still can't see images.
    This is stupid.
  16. Probably means your device is too old to support the newest update. Older devices can only update the app so far. People not able to view pictures after updating have old devices.
  17. When u have the avi equipped it looks like its floating, and oddly smaller too
  18. I can’t see the avatars obtained by collecting 1,500 rolls
  19. Yaay! ATA featuring Filipino hunt. 👍