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  1. Hi everyone my ign is angelbutterfly1984. I was wondering if there’s a club called the delinquents? If not I believe I have been scammed. There’s a player that goes by the executioner he had told me 10+ bentos would buy my club protection for a year well I fell for it. A lot of players are saying this guy has been scamming people for months so if you come across his ign I put all faith in y’all’s hands. I am just wondering if this a real group or what??? Please let me know something asap
  2. Are you sure that isn't the cease fire term before they start to farm you?
  3. Definitely sounds like you paid a CF. It’s not a scam.
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  4. Aren't bentos no longer allowed to be ceasefire requests/demands? I thought I heard that.
  5. bentos and stats is allowed but anything ecs related is not allowed to be used for cf like gifts, furni, etc
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  6. I heard that it was anything related to real world currency, which did include bentos since they could be bought from the pimd store.

    But if I'm wrong, then I'm wrong. But yeah, that's what I heard.
  7. items with ec value, bentos do not have an ec value and can be requested in cf
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  8. Okay, I see. Having read that, I can see that Bentos are grey area right now but can still be requested until devs decide to change it. Appreciated
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  9. Yes I’m sure they said 10 bentos would offer my club protection
  10. No it’s not a cf they told me flat 10 bentos would offer my whole club protection and I would have to use their tag on the club wall
  11. It’s honestly the same concept as a CF if they’re saying you have to pay for something to avoid hits.

    You could try sending a help ticket, but this isn’t against the rules as far as I understand.
  12. You definitely got scammed! 💯 as did i i had to start a new account cause he got mine shut down. Theres not a club called 💀🚨§Protected By Delinquents§🚨💀
    °• if you see this on anyones club wall let them know that it is fake
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