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  1. They took the ability to transfer ecs! ATA is mean
  2. This should be our attitudes
  3. This is why I'm still dead inside
  4. Need free ask out rs dump me without msg/pm me first T.T
  5. Did ATA Remove transferring ec ability? If so why? Kind of a bummer
  6. They removed it months ago
  7. The ability to gift ec? Seriously?
  9. Looking for a white gay guy. I am white and female gay. ? I am also 33 years old. So if you're gay male 20+ Look me up. ?
  10. It's unfair to some people cause they don't have enough money for it
  11. There is, quite literally an app for that.
  12. this thread false how do I gift ec?
  13. im dead
  14. ?what are you talking about
  15. They removed that feature awhile back.
  16. Looking for AA Batteries to fuel my fire ?

    I need an active stat rs (no pervs). 16mcs and up. You need to ask out. So do it, it'll be chill, no drama. I won't tell you that your breath stinks (unless I can smell it from here), I won't ask for your third party info, I don't care if you're ugly. No weird awkward romantic stuff, please. You need to wall me or something first, as I don't follow back randoms. ?Ciao.