Relationships 101

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  1. English isn't his first language, you elitist scum.
  2. Hey I am looking for a stats rs. i am 427kcs just need an active stat rs. Yes i get peopme work and blah blah. But I need a better stat rs. You ask
  3. New RS gifts pls Ü
  4. I need rs. 5mcs here. Need 2mcs  and active. You ask out. Im active. :)
  5. Can u ask and accept request during war
  6. Hmm what was first an information thread is now a thirst thread haha very nice XD
  7. 
  8. I want a rs too but no one will ask me out ?
  9. How unfortunate
  10. Were together
  11. If you breake up can I get my ec back?
  12. Yes...go break up rn
  13. No
  14. Im almost 600kcs someone with 350+ wall me my rs mookies is barely active