Relationships 101

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  2. No support remove this junk
  3. cant find anyone? :lol: 
  4. Anyone just want a stat relationship ask me out I'll accept if your at least 500kcs
  5. Really wish if u break up u should get ur 79ecs back they are not cheap especially if they person leaves the games u are screwed something needs to change with that
  6. I would much rather see this feature removed...

    But in regards to your statement, I suggest you chose your relationship wisely.
  7. I need a best friend forever
  8. Thanks ata this is amazing. I think it should be less than 79 ec though
  9. Thanks im new I neede that
  10. No love is not cheap
  11. Noake it 89
  12. 10% of both players stats?
    I'm 75kcs and my partner is around 200kcs
    But the bonus is almost 1mcs... So how does that work?
  13. how much does it cost
  14. This would be nice :)