relationship bonuses

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  1. I was joking.?
  2. Why you no go out with Santa Clause and make Cookies and be Mrs.Clause
  3. Crystal and I are in love
  4. This is what I call relationship goals

    Wish real life was like that
  5. Tr00th.
  6. But you with Cholo 
  7. Cholo can sma cause Ivy's mine.
  8. What happens to the stats bonus when they break up?
    Wouldn't it get much difficult for the singles to find rs partners?
  10. The left one broke up will lose his probably and the one left behind will have it all  amen
  11. Lesbians.
  12. I Support Your Idea.
  13. I support lesbians ?.
  14. It's okay, Marco's just jealous.?
  15. Your Idea Is Great Dude.
  16. I've been with my relationship for years so... Definitely support. Give us loyal people some credit!