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  1. Decide to quit. Delete account I’ve had for years. Regret. Now back. Now everyone thinks I’m a noob. Will delete again out of despair.

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  2. Funny
  3. Damn
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  4. Seen at 8:20pm MST.
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  5. imagine finding the delete button
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  6. Wait didnt they delete the delete button ages ago coz farmers were making noobs delete for cf
  7. Tf is mst
  8. Mountain Standard Time
  9. Weird
  10. We have it on iPhone
  11. They mighta added it back idk. But im sure they deleted it. Unless im just thinking of dropping stats. Idk
  12. Well, it is back 😂
  13. So how does the “delete” button work? If i delete my account does it delete everything from my account including stats, is it the same as the reset button?

    someone push the button! And report back to me
  14. Yes. Your entire account disappears. The only thing I've noticed is that your forum posts remain with your most recent IGN, but when clicking through to try to visit the profile, it does not work -- it's a dead link.
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  15. So if I hit delete, I’m not really deleting? I’m just disappearing until I log back in?
  16. No, you cannot retrieve a deleted account. The account is gone from PIMD. Your forum posts just stay up. But you cannot log back in and no one can visit your profile.
  17. Did it again 😂 but this time was more so to check something
  18. No regerts if you done it more then once then