Reduce the 190k drops to a little more doable 🎯 target

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  1. Hey Guys!
    So I wrote a ticket to ATA about this and they said I should post this on forum so here it is,
    I personally feel the target of 190k drops is not possible to achieve unless u actually spend money and go for flashes. I request ATA to thus reduce that target to a more manageable one where we don't have to spend real money to complete the target❤️ Ty and if u agree do leave ur feedbacks😊
  2. Hi,

    When ata tells you to post something in forums, it's their way of telling you to f off.

    Someone who's posted a lot of things in forums.
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  3. Can confirm, that's why I don't bother making suggestions anymore. It's just a polite "fuck you, no"
  4. Oops I wasn't aware of this😄
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  5. I don’t think telling a business how to help people not spend on their business is the way to go.
    But ATA should try to lower the target for drops. The big spenders are going to spend anyways. Lowering the targets might make the casual spender spend a little more on in game microtransactions.

  6. So are you saying the 8 tiers below that are all doable? Lol just change the last one? 125k is a walk in the park, that 190k though, shittttt....
  7. Support.

    Even 60k is impossiblw without spending.
    You can maybe push 50k but even that I think is rare.

    It has been out of hand too much.
    The stats of the items should go down, too.
    Should be like 15,625 for tier one. 31,250 for tier two, 62500 for tier three, and onward.
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  8. The only reason they added it is because those that can and do continue to drop lots of money complain about the story ending too soon. ;( The 190k was recently added because of that, and before that was the tier before it added because of that, and so on and so forth.
  9. This so much. They need to have tiers for people who do spend money on this game otherwise those big spenders will lose interest because they have nothing else to go for unless they want LB, which not all spenders go for anyhow so LB alone isn’t enough.
  10. Thats the point. Why should free players be able to access everything the same as people who spend literally thousands of dollars every day on this game? People who spend money deserve exclusive items that f2p players cant get coz they are the ones keeping the game going
  11. Mostly yehh but not always.
    I said to ata i want gym furni coz i i wna make my dorm a gym. They said make a thread to see if anyone else is interested. So i did. Fuck all people wanted it. I went back to ata and said fuck all people want it. But then i i al said all the gym gear i want and said i really want it can you find a way to work it into the game somehow. And then they added it to the monthly spinner set (the last furni spinner set they did).

    So they do do it for real sometimes as long as its not a completely stupid idea
  12. It's called having a war at end of hunt
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  13. Support. Spot on. Misc is way too easy to get in this game.
  14. Agreed, they also should change the 125k back to 110k. Honestly, I think that’s too much too.
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  15. It’s possible if you’re active and hit a few flashes. No support tbh
  16. This ^

    I’ve posted form ideas countless times. They tell you to post here for more support on the topic. If your idea doesn’t get much positive feedback, it most likely won’t happen.
  17. Sorry no support. There are plenty of stat items and goals that are achievable for free to play players. The ones who choose to spend deserve something extra tbh.
  18. So im new i spent some money but is that the only way to get my stats bigger or do I have to grind this game until my stats regen and hit parties and do my job?
  19. Jobs are pointless. You dont have to spend a cent on this game if you dont want to. Just keep grinding for cash. Parties give the best cash
  20. Jobs r good only for collecting ecs and DNs.