Recommendations for ATA to Include in the Game.

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  1. But why...?
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  2. Can we open 1 box each at a time.. like box for hunt timer, box for spinner and labyrinth box πŸ˜πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»
  3. Idk if this has been suggested before but,
    How about GOLD PASS but like having expiry?
    I'm thinking silver or bronze pass
    - Silver having an expiry of 1 month / 1 week
    - Bronze of like 1 week or 3-4days? And instead of ecs, Bronze can be bought using cash, Silver from like 20-30ecs maybe?
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  4. This is kinda long cuz idk how to put things in short sentences. But:

    They should remove exclamation marks from the home screen when earning things like collection hunt, furniture and spinners items. Explanation:

    ~ For the spinners, we already get a notification on the screen top, so it's kinda unnecessary to add another one on bottom showcase. Specially for someone that can't ignore those darn symbols.

    ~ For furniture, we should be able to take care of the notification right after opening our dorm. Cuz for example, when you get a new shelf item you have to..

    1. Click on the room
    2. The shelf
    3. Finally press on owned

    Why not just: 1. click on room the leave.

    You should still see the shelf notification the first time after getting the item.. but it shouldn't be required to actually press on everything to remove the notification all the time. Anyone get what I mean?

    ~ And for hunt collections, we get story notifications when we pass a mission anyway, some ppl don't wanna check the showcase for 50+ of the collection every time a box is opened. It seems kinda useless but idk if anyone keeps count often, so I'm not sure about this one.

    Also side note, plz fix the problem with the forum page having to reload accidentally 40 times when we're typing a reply. I have to type my responses on a notes app cuz my page refreshes often :(
    Lmk if anyone disagrees πŸ˜“
  5. No?
  6. This actually would be a good idea, i know some other mobile games havea similar thing like this but of course you’d have to pay a small fee of premium currency in those games to unlock such a feature so for pimd maybe opening one slot would cost like 20 ec or something.
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  7. So we can get them out our way and get more things to upgrade
  8. Sometimes we have left over avatar items for events who’s activators have left the shop. But what are we to do with those? If not to keep the activators for each specific set in the shop, then to add a β€œgeneral” activator for anyone who’s achieved the specified activation number. I’ve several avatars I’d love to match the theme of the day, but I regret to find I cannot make the avatar because it’s not available.
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  9. ugh this please
  10. I think there should be a separate spinner wheel were you use ecs or money(fake money) to get ultra and super rare items
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  11. ECs, that might be possible, but they'd never do money because it's too easy to get.
  12. Haiiii πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
    Little suggestion here :
    Could you please put all the bb items/combined items in a single section of the showcase ? Only for them ?
    i enjoy completing my friends set but I’m getting tired to scroll or to search for each of them
    + I use starred for what I sell ( like many )
    β€”-> so I would enjoy to have my little collection all together.

    this could also include monthly spin set since they are combined items aswell
  13. I'd love to see a nice farm themed hunt that includes chickens, hay, goat etc
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  14. Am I the only one who wishes they could upgrade ALL furniture? Like Why can't we upgrade wall papers and floors or above the desk or bed?
  15. I’d love the capability to search my showcase by stat amount. Just like how typing a name brings up the items, it be cool to be able to search 250000 to bring up all your 250kcs items!
  16. Tap the little clock icon in your showcase, and it'll sort items by stats
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  17. Tradeable cats and ec drop items (idk why ata refuses to allow this feature), same with the avis, alot of people have avis they dont care for when other players would kill for said avi πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ A little switch could make everyone happy
  18. ATA has stated they will not make avatars tradeable as they are not coded with those intentions and it would require an entire revamp of the entire system (an entire decade of it) to add avatar trading. Avatar shards (Zodiac, Greek, birthstone, and seasonal ones such as the current Valhalla shards) are intended to suffice those that want avatar trading. :)

    It is NOT "a little switch" to recode an entire feature and it just goes to show how underappreciated game development is that people think these things are so easy to change and that the developers are only not doing it because they are stingy and mean and only not including it to be petty or whatever insult people are calling the devs nowadays.
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  19. Can we get an option to cap stats for joining a club?? I have a club for noobs, but higher players come in and snipe the money bars of parties...Minimum AND Maximum to join a club PLEASE!!
  20. You can turn off auto join and change it to open upon request so that doesn't occur.