Recommendations for ATA to Include in the Game.

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  1. Easier box opening would be neat!

    Whoever has played Heckfire knows what I mean. When I first installed it, I was amazed at that little "skip" button that just instantly showed us box contents. I don't see why we have to keep tapping the screen until every single item jumps out of the box... Please, just show them all at the same time lol

    When they had that little survey asking what features from Heckfire we'd like to see on PIMD, this completely slipped my mind and I still regret not having written it there.
  2. I definitely put this in the survey response haha! I think I know a few others that did as well, so they definitely at least got that feedback from a few people!!! Really hope to see it implemented as well, though I believe I have seen a dev say that heckfire and pimd are built on different engines (heckfire built on Unity, not sure about pimd) so sadly it may not be so easy to translate a feature from one app to the other. Could be very different coding challenges.
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  3. Yeah, it would be very hard.
  4. The ability to delete boxes.

    I have lots of old hunt boxes i didnt get the chance to open and they are useless now, so being abke to delete them would be nice!
  5. What...? But I like them. They give me a chance to get rare items, but I guess if you don’t like them, that’s fine. シ
  6. This is just me saying.
    Can we have a button where we can open multiple boxes that’s in our showcase? I’m not talking about the timer boxes. I’m talking about the boxes that cost cash, and keys to open like the lite boxes, speed up boxes, normal hunt box, and furni boxes. Can we have a button that let us open 10 boxes all at once? Because I’ve been having so many of the speed up boxes that I’m just too lazy to open them.
    Just like how some gacha games that have a Draw 1x and Draw 10x.
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  7. Alright heres a serious idea from me. Idk if anyone suggested this but I skimmed the comments to make sure.

    Anyways, I think a search feature for avatars would be nice to have if youre someone who frequently chamges avatars.

    I mean yeah, avatars are chronilogically (i cant spell) ordered but sometimes thats not enough. Especially when you have a billion avatars to scroll through. 🌚

    I feel like thats feasible to have
  8. Doesn’t this kinda already exist? I just tried and you can search based on the name in your items. If it isn’t based on name then idk how you would go about that
  9. what? What sort of dark magic do you have that you can search in items?? surely you dont mean showcase??
  10. I can search in both... maybe it’s like one of those features offered on some devices and not others? Like I think on Android you can search through your friends by name but not on Apple. I wish they would all have the same features available instead
  11. o thats probably why. Android 4 lyfe
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  12. ok how about this. Just like the badges for how many years youve been on pimd like the 5 year award, which gives you a nice bonus, relationship anniversaries are the same way.

    Like the longer youre with someone, the higher bonus it gives you, aside from the stats that help. 🌚
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  13. A simple one I would enjoy is being able to edit our status. I don’t know if it’s available for certain devices, but sometimes I’ll have a longer status and want to change one part about it, but when I select it, it goes completely blank and I have to rewrite everything instead of make a small edit. Not a big deal obvi but would be a nice, simple change.
  14. Just a suggestion..... it would be great if there could be more Club Collecthaton at least one (1) in each hunt and the top three (3) members in each club could be rewarded.

    Not everyone will be able to reach the top 10 on the hunt leader board and this would be a great way encourage other members and motivate them even more.
  15. I agree with this one
  16. I think different leagues for the 'Soak up the Spotlight' extra curricular based on the player's combined stats would be helpful and allow more people to actually participate in it, as the majority of players cannot even hit the people who have the spotlight because the difference in their combined stats is too big.
  17. Be able to buy furniture with money from the fake bank account
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  18. I like this one
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  19. We should be able to also trade our life hunt boxes if we choose not to want to open them
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