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  1. So I am still planning an in-depth guide to the values of items on PIMD. but it's a long way off, and people seem to be confused at the moment. So I'm going to bulk some items together for this, and the evaluations are very approximate.
    I'm also gonna be missing a lot, so plz feel free to ask for gaps to be filled in.

    Old Rare Scavenger items worth around 1o.

    Preserves, Carrot Cupcake, Film Poster, MixTape

    Scav items worth around 2o.

    Tulips, Bunny Ear Ring, Hole in the Box, Golf Cart

    Early Hunt sets:


    Most common components (~20c)

    Director's Chair, Pub Quiz Trophy, Multibit Bowtie

    A bit less common (1o)
    Green Gilt Egg, Golden Bewilderbee, Glam Jam Phone Case,

    Rarer components:

    Raspberry Dream (4o)

    Rarest components:

    Golden Dapper Robin (10o)
    GeoDescent Heels (10o)
    Chroma Key Suit (10o)
    Crimson Egg (20o)
    Blue Hanami Egg (25o)
    Sunshine Egg (25o)
    Violet Dazzler (75o)

    Hunt Sets:

    Snormouse (50o)
    Buds n Bees (6o.20c)
    Ferret Director George Copolla (6o)
    Shaded Squirrel (5o)
    Kitty Purry (5o)
    Chas the pub Shark (4o.20c)

    20kcs bae watch items (5-10c)

    Cutecake items.

    Pantsless + Blue (2c)
    Bashful Owl (~5c)
    Luv Bug (5-10c)
    Nhoms + Twiga (1-2õ)
    Peter Paws (2o)

    Classical Spin sets:

    Goblet of Fireball - The first spin set (3-4o)

    Basically all other spin sets that predate 2017 (2o)

    COMPONENTS: Vary a lot more.
    but usually 3-4c each
    Plush animals 6-8c each

    Bartending Parrot (5-10o)

    Interplanetary Lava Lamp (1o)


    1st tier = 1c - Acorns
    2nd tier = 2c - Donkey Ears
    3rd tier = 3c - Mushroom Lamp
    4th tier = 4c - Origami Butterflies
    5th tier = 6c - Jar of Fairies
    6th tier = 12c - Pinecone Centerpiece
    7th tier = 20c - Bouquet of Lavendar
    8th tier = 2-3o - Knot Bracelet
    9th tier = 20o - Healing Crystal
    10th tier = (top 10 + Boxes) 50-100o

    This list most accurately generalizes CosmoNautical
    Clash of Campus Heroes (though compound bows and bluetooth earpiece are 1 and 2o respectively)
    A song of Ice and Fireworks &
    A midsummer school dream

    Items from To Europe With Love, are heavily devalued to the point where you may as well half all these values to understand their prices...

    Also in Cosmic Couture, after the first regular 8 tiers (up to Futuramen), we have HD(25o), BT(20o), Frida(12o), and Ovo(12o).

    Dormlympic Pins

    Literally ranges from 5:1c up to individual pins selling for 10-20o each.
    So not gonna cover that here.

    Proto-Story tiered hunts
    These hunts (with tradable items) were swanksgiving, Slasher Bash, and Paranormal Facul-tivity.

    These hunts were released towards the end of 2016.

    1st tier (1c) - Candy Pumpkins
    2nd (2c) - Bloody Axe
    3rd (3c) - Fake Eyeballs
    4th (5c) - FauxGore Fake Blood
    5th (10c) - PipeCleaner Spider
    6th (1o) - Walkie Talkie
    7th (2o) - Candy corn-on-the-cob
    8th (3-4o) - Murderous Tomato
    9th (t100) (20o) - Vampire Cocktail
    10th (t10) (50-100o) - Wooden Camp Sign

    The beginning of 2017 marked the beginning of the final stages of refinement for the "standard hunt" we have to this day.

    The phone, with its stories, was released, and all spin sets followed the same formula.

    All spin sets from here on are 300kcs, cost 1o, and there are 4, 10kcs components, which you need 5 of each to complete the set, and they cost 2c each

    Early main story story items were earnt after earning different number of drops to today, so some were more or less common.

    1st Tier Main Story Reward (1c
    2nd Tier Main Story Reward (2c
    3rd Tier Main Story Reward (6c
    4th Tier Main Story Reward (15c
    5th Tier Main Story Reward (1o
    6th Tier Main Story Reward (2-3o
    7th Tier Main Story Reward (4-6o

    1st - 500 drops - 125kcs
    2nd - 1500 drops - 250kcs
    3rd - 3000 - 500kcs
    4th - 6000 - 1mcs
    5th - 15,000 - 2mcs
    6th - 30,000 - 3mcs
    7th - 60,000 - 4mcs

    I'ma stipulate that older items tend to be worth more too. People will usually prefer a 1:1 swap of items if they get an older one.

    A.T.A are inconsistent with the structure of side stories.
    Also some only last like 2 tiers or 3 tiers, so idk how to define this stuff.

    But hunts lately, we've had up to 4 Side Stories.

    And also some hunts have multiple main stories, making the items harder to find, especially like Summer Hustle (with the vocat furni), and the firebrand one.

    Also some hunts are shorter (like 2017 halloween - 8 days), and some had funky rules, like requiring 3 hunt drops to combine to make the required one for the story (like in the ice hunt, which made completing stories harder, and the items slightly rarer)

    and also these days, even in this hunt, the main story is easier to complete.
    1st tier requiring only 400 drops, second, 1200
    3rd, 2500
    5th, 4500
    6th, 12,000
    7th, 24,000
    8th, 48,000

    which devalues the items' stats.

    Then on top of that, A.T.A spam extra stories for people to chase as hard as they can.


    1st Tier Secondary Story
    80 drops - 125kcs
    = 2c

    2nd Tier Secondary Story
    250 drops - 250kcs
    = 4c

    3rd Tier Secondary Story
    500 drops - 500kcs
    = 8c

    4th tier secondary story
    1000 drops - 750kcs
    = 15c


    1st tier tertiary story
    150 drops - 250kcs
    = 5c

    2nd tier tertiary story
    500 drops - 500kcs
    = 10c

    3rd tier tertiary story
    1000 drops - 750kcs
    = 20c

    4th tier tertiary story
    2000 drops - 1mcs
    = 1o


    1st tier Quaternary Story
    300 drops - 750kcs
    = 15c

    2nd tier quaternary story
    1000 drops - 1mcs
    = 30c

    3rd tier quaternary story
    2000 drops - 1.5mcs

    = 1o, 20c

    4th tier quaternary story
    3,000 drops - 2mcs
    = 3o


    1st tier quinary story
    400 drops - 1mcs
    = 1o

    2nd tier. Quinary Story.
    1000 drops - 1.5mcs

    3rd tier. Quinary Story.
    2100 drops - 2mcs
    2o, 20c

    4th tier. Quinary Story.


    The hunt before had different requirements and stats for items. It's nauseating how many items A.T.A release for the fairies to chase.

    Why are 10 hunt items per fortnight not enough? Also if you're gonna nauseate us with items, plz at least keep the format the same. I can't even say that the item earnt at the 3rd tier of a tertiary story of a hunt will be worth the same as the one of the previous hunt :lol: and unless you flash yourself, who's keeping count?

    P.S. If you want to know the worth of an item, you can write it in the comments, and I'll add it.
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  2. BS. Prices should fluctuate with the market, Mr. N.R.A.
  3. They do.
    You got an algorithm that can be expressed in a thread like this?
  4. -69/10 ?????
    wheres the legend pls
    also tld;dr - gimmie bb coding or bai
  5. Should probably specify what o and c are as some might not know.. o definitely doesn’t remind me of bento ;(
  6. Kefo 4b means 4 bentos 4o means you’re a numpty
    Dont be a numpty k
    And there’s already a thread where people ask for item prices, this will be useless

    Get a hobby m8
  7. 4b means 4 billion last 7 years I checked
  8. Here we go again, just like how bentos are stat items
    Good luck trying to change how all of pimd calls things with your dumb o’s
  9. When kefo spends who knows how long on this guide and we all shxtting on him 
    Couldn’t figure out wtf o was coz it’s just way too different. Legend would help as Lyssa said. Throwing in all ur knowledge doesn’t make it a guide. Thanks tho.
  10. not long. And that's okay
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  11. Wait so “o”=bento? Next time use 
  12. Yep...
  13. I argued with a noob for telling them b also stand for billion... It more common to see b for bento... the age has changed kefo :lol: :lol:
  14. To clarify: The o's are the bent type.
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