Rate my Dorm Game

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Alice, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. 6.3/10
    -Expensive & Rare.
    -Wall & Floor Not good
    Suggestions: Lovebirds Tile Floor.
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  2. 7/10 spooky
  3. 4/10 🫣

    It's needs more cohesion. But I'm liking the wall and bed combo, it's got potential
  4. 9.5/10 i love the color theme, lots of plants making it look comfy. The 499 sticks out a bit to me with the skateboard but the doggie is cute
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  5. 8/10

    I feel some of the furniture doesn’t match quite as much as you’d like it to.
  6. 10/10

    perfect dorm ❤️
  7. 8/10 bcs 999 is.... Idk how to say it
    I miss my 2nd cannis btw 😂

    Also opinion n critic on my dorm pls

    Cant find good 499 uhm
  8. 8.5/10
    Really nice overall! Love the old pieces in there. The above bed is a bit off I think, with the stark white in comparison to the yellows, and the 499 is as well. Maybe a different animal one or a simpler table one that’s been released could work?

    Looking for opinions on a new rug and above bed if anyone has input!
  9. 7.5/10 not exactly matches the mood of the wallpaper but I get the vibe.

    Finally changed my dorm, still trying to mix and match.
  10. Looking at your dorm right now, I'd give it a solid 10/10. The wine cellar was an interesting choice but it works. Overall, it looks great!
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  11. Ello, so you have almost a complete dorm. I like it but I'm gonna give a 9.8/10. As I'm sure you're aware that 999 just does not fit the aesthetic. The "One Last Job" shelves, I think, fit nicely. So just that 999 is all. Fantastic job my friend, keep up the good work. ♥️
  12. 6/10. Matches colour wise but too much happening it doesn’t flow.
  13. 9.5/10 I love it, very minimalist with some dark finishes. I love it!! Blends together very very well
  14. 7/10, I love the aesthetic you’re going for and the creative use of the lamp, but some of the items, especially the 999, floating books, and top shelf, don’t fit well and stick out noticeably. Also, the middle of the room has a lot of colors with clashing hues and saturations, which makes it look a bit chaotic.
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  15. 5/10

    Not sure if we’re going for cute underground or spooky underground. And that bed is overrated.
  16. 7/10 expensive dorm. It was never a personal vibe. There's too much going on.
  17. 10/10 Lowkey jealous of that dorm
  18. 8/10 with tattoo girl avi could be 9/10
    Interesting mix tho
  19. 8/10 Personally, I like mix and match dorms, so when it's a full set idk it okay I guess 😶