Rate my Dorm Game

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  1. 9.5/10! I like the anime vibes, but I think the pink wall paper makes the neon signs blend in a bit... maybe a different color would help the other stuff pop out more..!
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  2. 9/10 your dorm is looking good but bed isn't matching
  3. _-Gamie_iAuxerre-_ I like your room! I give it a 9.5/10 only because I don’t like the stars above the planet. Your room look like a elegant princess room and not the kiddie pink crap of the actual complete set.
  4. 8.5/10 some elements are a little bit mis matched? but overall it gives off a realistic bedroom vibe which is super rare to see! 🖤 (meaning like it looks like a real bedroom- besides maybe to otaku girlpod lol) and overall its super cute~
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  5. *mismatched and *the im an awful speller
  6. Oohh 10/10 defi cause they all match, love the theme and i think u seriously nailed that witchy dark vibe u were going for! 🤩💕

    Finally completed my dorm just now since i just got the 999 yay 🥳
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  7. 9/10

    It's very pretty and loft in winter kinda room! I like the openness the wallpaper gives and cute 499!
  8. 8.2/10

    The mix and match works suprisingly well! The only off things about it is the 499 and 999, the brown wooden tones don’t pair well with the bright, neon, funky vibes you got going on. Or, maybe a different floor to tie everything together. Overall very cool :))
  9. 8/10 the mixed set is amazing I would personally remove the poster, the wallpaper itself gives justice though I would take a different approach when using that wallpaper. A more cozy vibe set, maybe. Nonetheless, it looks neat!
  10. 10/10 think it’s great and sporty
  11. 8/10 the desk n abv desk dont blend perfectly witht the rest of the dorm
  12. Was that for mine or someone else? Confused😂🙈
  13. 7.5/10. Desk and above stand out.
  14. 9/10
    It's very pretty and light. The furni matches well together. I've just never liked that above desk
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  15. Mine is literally a mix of two different easter hunts. But the desk and above matches 499 and 999 plus plant. It’s not going to go with bookcase and chair exactly cause that’s paschal.
  16. 8/10 id bring my cats over for a play date with your bunnys
  17. 6/10 its rather all over the place atm kitties are cute tho