Rate my Dorm Game

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Alice, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. your room is one of my favs ive seen 🥺 10/10
  2. So calming omg 🤩 10/10
  3. love The cabin feel love the wood colors 😍😍 10/10 of course 💞 keep up the good work on designing amazing dorms
  4. 10/10. I love how you combined the bunny themes, so much bunnies! I’ll be waiting for the 499 and the wp really complements your dorm
  5. 10/10. Wow!I love everything in your dorm. It's amazing. I like how you combine different sets of furnitures.
  6. 9.8/10 aw so fluffy🥺 there r some items that dont fit the color but its all same theme🌹
  7. 9.5 💗 that teddy bear is love 😍😍😍 Although I personally think plant color is lil bright compared to rest of dorm.
  8. 10/10!! So pretty, i love how it all blends together. A really nice mix of furni without it being too overbearing or busy, i especially love the modemnoise pieces 🤩
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  9. 9 🔮 nice crystal palace!
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  10. Ah your dorm is adorable I love the color pink it’s also nice how you have different pieces of furniture from other sets it blends together very nicely! 9/10
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  11. 9/10 very chic. I love the wall !
  12. 8/10 Black and white are good combinations! The 499 is a bit off in my opinion.
  13. Ooo Rdk full set!! love it 😍 10💕
  14. [​IMG]

    7/10. I don’t like the bed and poster. Just doesn’t fit the theme.
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  15. 10 ❤ it sure is cool n elegant dorm . I mite personally use palais de grace rug and black magic above plant but it already is perfect as it is.
  16. Very nice greenhouse. 10/10
  17. Nice ... I like it ... 7/10
  18. 7/10
    No 999 and the style isn't something I like a whole lot
  19. 7/10 🧡 it's abit random and I dont think the desk go well with 999 or bookcase. I believe different floor n desk would make ur dorm look lots better.