Rate my Dorm Game

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Alice, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. I didn't even look at your dorm, but it's an automatic 10/10 since you're 10/10 on the adorbs scale.
  2. This lil flirt gets a “10/10 would-die-here” for his horror dorm with the gentlest touch of Halloween campiness. Truly an elite pad
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  3. 10/10 that’s a decent mix of furni, I love how those walls look in there. Would def chill in that room
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  4. Well done! 10/10
  5. 7/10 A+ for trying to mix match tho.
  6. 7/10 this is definitely a males room, but I like how sleek it looks. Also I wanna pet the sad looking puppy
  7. 10/10 decent mix of stuff, everything matches pretty well. You have my favorite chair in there so bonus points for mixing that in 😌
  8. 10/10. It's a gorgeous dorm. I love the white/pale tone to it, it gives it a nice airy feel to it.
  9. 10/10
    love how warm it makes me feel🤗
  10. 9/10💛 Love it... although I think rug is lil too bright compared with rest of dorm.
  11. 9/10. Love that you mixed and matched!
  12. 10/10. I like outer space.
  13. 8/10 Looks nice just missing things. Don’t know what though lol but still good
  14. 10/10 love the black and gold them. It all blends together well.
  15. 9/10 those walls are really throwing me off. I like how the plant matches with them though. Loovveee that bed!
  16. NEMX💕💕
    I LOVE your dorm! 10/10 always!
  17. Time to bump this thread again lol
    Eternity you already know I love your dark theme room, gl finding the 999 for that set, the one you have matches great anyways❤️
    11/10 cause you’re my hype man 👏🏻
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  18. 10/10 I love your dorm! It works so well
  19. 9/10 the colors choice of your dorm is so pretty!